Bones Brigade series 11!



  • Alright. Let’s talk about series 12! Fuck these natty ugly ones.
  • :D :D That’s what I’m saying
  • Like I said, the only nattys I wanna see are some big natty tits! Otherwise, bring on the Lance Mountain Family reissues in black cuz I will buy it on the spot. That deck is fuckin sweet!
  • Does anybody reckon the natty decks will be able to be stained ?? Like diy stain ?
  • Or is that a ridiculous idea ?
  • Their stainz are actually paint. Clear stain is actually clear coat paint. Yellow stain is clear coat paint with a yellow tint. If you score old school stained decks, it was still stained. New decks are blank wood under the stain/paint, no tint, no’s all superficial!
  • Oh .
    Think I’ll still get a couple.
    Any guesses on which one will sell out first?
    I rekon the Lance.
  • U can’t stain them. They have a glossy easter-egg-sticker like cover. It’s not just wood. Your paint won’t go in the grain. Don’t waste your money.
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