Bones Brigade series 11!



  • Alright. Let’s talk about series 12! Fuck these natty ugly ones.
  • :D :D That’s what I’m saying
  • Like I said, the only nattys I wanna see are some big natty tits! Otherwise, bring on the Lance Mountain Family reissues in black cuz I will buy it on the spot. That deck is fuckin sweet!
  • Does anybody reckon the natty decks will be able to be stained ?? Like diy stain ?
  • Or is that a ridiculous idea ?
  • Their stainz are actually paint. Clear stain is actually clear coat paint. Yellow stain is clear coat paint with a yellow tint. If you score old school stained decks, it was still stained. New decks are blank wood under the stain/paint, no tint, no’s all superficial!
  • Oh .
    Think I’ll still get a couple.
    Any guesses on which one will sell out first?
    I rekon the Lance.
  • U can’t stain them. They have a glossy easter-egg-sticker like cover. It’s not just wood. Your paint won’t go in the grain. Don’t waste your money.

    Currently have preorders up, with 15% off and free US shipping.
  • I still think it's sort of funny that the 11th series is the one that came in last during the vote for the 10th series. Not by much, but the silver series came in second.
  • They'll probably release the silver series next.
  • shits whack ... someone should loose their job over costly mistakes like this.

    Just kidding ... or am I..
  • Yea, I'm not super stoked on the natty. But at this point I have a wall of FPs, so I sort of need to buy one. I actually liked the silver ones.
  • I can get behind the silver ones as well. Did anyone here buy one of the OG rippers in silver? I'm curious how that looks in person, wondering if it just looks grey or it actually has the sheen to truly call it silver.
  • The nattys are a drag
  • Besides the McGill and Hawk, the nattys are rad as imo
  • OG Rippers in silver are hot as fuck!!!!!
  • ^Yep...
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    This line getting so boring do something new
  • I want the back wheel wells done right. The top wells are fine, but the ones in the back need to be moved about a 1/2 inch toward the tail. I ride Indy’s and they always bite the edge of the well, instead of the deep center. I even tried ML trucks, same problem.

    Oval Dragon Over And Out!
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