10th Bones Brigade series!

Too early?

What I would love to see....
Hawk; street hawk, black stain or white dip,
Mountain; crest, red stain or dip,
Caballero; ban this og shape, teal stain,
McGill; condom nose snakeskin, lime green,
Guerrero; Irongate, black dip,
Mullen; chess board king on funshape, natural!


  • Cab Ban This on a black stain with green dragon!
  • Cab Ban This on white dip!
  • really hope they stop at 9 or 10
  • That's akin to asking them to go bankrupt Biebs!
  • well they got new pros to pay soon
  • Easy. Sell the 9th. Make a kick ass 10th. Don't venture into the 90's. Money will be made, not lost. Pros paid!
  • I reckon they'll go to at least 12 or more. Too many requests still to fulfil!
  • Why would they stop? They're selling to a bunch of 10 year olds (who are now 39-44) with jobs and disposable income.
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    well i understand all that but u cant keep living in the past and not much disposable income if the wife has the check book ;) and there better be some damn 90s reissues
  • Of course not, but for the time being, I do and I love it; Happens every generation. Lol true but my wife doesn't seem to mind as long as I keep the kids entertained :wink:
  • well u better watch out for the one day u dont keep them entertained
  • Once that happens I'll sell all my reissue's. Judging by what they're already going for on Ebay, I should make a killing!! $$$
  • that is a fact
  • Don't reissue the 90's! Look at the Daisy Mae etc still sitting in the specials bin for 50 bucks! 86-89 is where it's at. Milk it for what it's worth. Sorry Biebs!
  • You would think, from a business stand point, that it would make sense to move onto 90s boards. Let's face it, those of us who would want these early and mid 80s decks are getting old. At some point, pretty soon, these board would strictly be for collecting and if that's the case they could make them out of cheaper wood.
  • A pink Cab would be cool. To complete the set of pinks for the vert dudes.
  • Like Willy Wonka everlasting gobstoppers...Powell Peralta everlasting 80s reissues. Keep 'em coming!
  • The only lame thing is the early 80's pig shape reissues. They're called the dark ages for a reason. Stick with the mid-late 80's and even some early 90's.
  • All natty pigs!
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    Lime Green McGill
    Lime green hawk
    Blue iron gate
    Blue or green crest
    Green ban this
    Then whatever. I'm done.
  • Ha ha, an all pig reissue batch would be pretty damn funny!
  • Like series 1-4 & 7? 5/9 have been pigs so far(except for the lmfp). Sad imo
  • Powell should stick to boards 1985-1992. No more pigs!

    Vato Rat is the only pig they should keep.
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